Lips Blush

Lips Blush…

…is a semi-permanent tattoo that helps to enhance the colour and shape of your lips giving the impression of fuller lips.

Symmetrical, proportional and plump lips are always considered a symbol of youth, beauty and health. After a lip blush treatment you can still wear lipsticks and lip colours to switch up your look, if you like.

During the procedure, the pigment is introduced into the upper reticular layer of the skin with a certain needle. The procedure is performed using disposable, sterile, packaged needles. The skin area where the pigmentation is performed is anaesthetised locally before the procedure, and during the procedure the skin surface is additionally anaesthetised with a special cream or liquid.

The results of the procedure are semi-permanent typically lasting for 1-3 years. The duration of the effect depends on the skin type, age, and appropriate care. In most cases, touch up procedures can be performed after 30-45 days.

For a better healing process it is advisable to avoid the following after the procedure:

  • Sunbathing in the solarium (3 weeks)
  • Visiting a sauna, sauna, swimming pool, other body of water
  • Mechanical damage in the healing zone, digging, peeling, rubbing, washing, etc.
  • Constant or long-term contact with water
  • Use of unintended products in the healing area (ointment, creams, oils, etc.).
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