Semi Permanent Makeup – Agnes Permanent Training – Lip Blush & Ombre Powder Brows

Semi Permanent Makeup – Agnes Permanent Training – Lip Blush & Ombre Powder Brows

Back to London

After almost 20 years since being in to London I recently returned twice in the space of a few weeks.  This time it was to attend a five day intensive training course with the internationally renowned Agne Sujete the CEO of Agnes Permanent known as the “Lip Queen” for her PMU course to learn about her Lip Blush and Powder Brow semi permanent makeup techniques.  This involved theory and practical training and required me to pass an exam on the final day in order to qualify from the course which I am proud to say I did.

Agne’s and her team’s standards are incredibly high and provided the best and the most intense course that I have ever experienced….it took 5 days 8 hours of guided learning each day with a few hours additional practice at home. Agnes Permanent semi permanent makeup training gave me knowledge, confidence, and a commitment to lifelong support, which means a lot to me and will serve for my clients as well.  It was a very demanding schedule but incredibly rewarding and I am so glad that I decided to attend this course.

Lip Blush is a semi permanent makeup treatment which enhances the colour, shape and definition of the lips. It also means that you always wake up with beautiful looking kissable lips and no longer need to remember to apply lipstick.  You can of course still apply a lipstick if you wish to change up the colour but with this effect you need not worry about leaving your lippy at home.  The effect will last between 1-3 years dependant upon factors such as skin type and lifestyle and you can book in for colour enhancement to regain the look.

Ombre Powder Brows bring your features to life, shaping your face and giving definition to eyebrows that may be light in colour or not the desired shape. Semi-permanent make up can be a great solution for mature women/men who may experiencing thinning brows or hair loss. As we age, our eyebrows can become sparse or lose their shape. Semi-permanent make up can help to create a more defined shape, and give the appearance of fuller, natural looking brows. This can be especially beneficial for mature women who may not want to deal with the hassle of daily brow makeup or who simply want to enhance their features.

Semi permanent make up is very popular now and people find it as luxurious service, but there are couple examples where semi permanent, can be beneficial option for individuals after chemotherapy, offering a way to enhance the features and feel more like yourself during this challenging time.
After chemotherapy many individuals may find their brows have thinned or completely fallen out. Semi permanent makeup such as Ombre/Powder Brows can help to create natural-looking brows or eyeliner, providing a sense of normalcy and boosting self-confidence during healing process.

Below are some examples of my work with before and after photos;

Lip Blush

Ombre Powder Brows



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